Crafter’s Block yet Beautiful Gratefulness

I had no remnant re-do last week; I was mired in the quicksand of Crafter’s Block! Why? Because everywhere I turned was an advertisement for this and that merchandise, some such crafty item that YOU, yes YOU can make or buy! Here, here! Hear, hear, and I was deaf by all the clamor.

I had to turn within.

Too much material. Too many voices. Too much commitment. Too many unfulfilled expectations.

You see, Thanksgiving has traditionally been a holiday in which I’ve examined my life through my own eyes or the eyes of others, and saw “Loser” all over it. I trudged home through the woods and back over the river, feeling defeated. Now I look out at others with (hopefully) some compassion. Sometimes all my obsessive planning comes to naught in the light of inspiration about what to do.

So many of us work in retail jobs, so we can’t bite the hand that feeds us and decide to swear off gift-giving. Some want to create home-made gifts but the pressure is too great. Go ahead on, Nancy Zeiman, leader, but I’m quickly falling behind like I did with the power-walking females at the “Streetwalkers Class” at the gym. Enjoy your moments in the sun of crafting glitterati, Martha and Sis and Kim and Kris, because the whims of the bored and crafty are so subject to change. Which knitting mag would you rather buy off the newsstand, the one with the ubiquitous wealthy middle-aged dictatoress of the Crafting Empire on the cover, or the one with the anonymous cute guy?

Which knitting mag do you go for?

Instead of being sucked down into the maelstrom of buying frenzy, I smile when my friend Anna says to me with sparkles in her eyes, “Are your camellias blooming?” Yes, they are, but why? It’s getting cold! Why do such beautiful flowers bloom when it starts to get chilly?

unexpected gift!

I don’t know what I or anyone else did to deserve such beauty, but thank You, Lord!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ethel Grogan
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 23:40:49

    Oh my! I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed myself cause I have so much to get done but would rather do something else. Why do I get myself into these predicaments? A desire to please. sigh Yaw, I didn’t buy either of those mags – the covers promised good stuff inside but didn’t deliver. sigh However the beauty of your camellia is stupendous and makes my heart sing! I too am grateful for such beauty in the world.


    • jenyjenny
      Dec 01, 2011 @ 07:42:48

      I keep thinking how fun Knitting will be when the New Year rolls around, pressure to get things done by Christmas is gone, and my project calendar is a clean slate!


  2. Sylvia Dunn
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 09:48:22


    If you’re reflecting on any failure to have done something creative and very enjoyable, please think again. The family brunch was awesome and quite a gift to many.

    Ah, yes! This time of the year usually seems to dictate buying, buying, buying, and usually foreign made stuff – stuff that’s usually temporary in duration and enjoyment.

    Something we often don’t remember is that we give gifts throughout the year and many of us are quite content to not have a load of gifts given to us at Christmas time. What about the gifts that are hand and heart made?

    Yesterday, I saw a beautiful, handmade table runner that was made by a long-gone elderly woman’s grandmother. It was still in pristine condition and a beauty to behold.

    Truly, such a gift can be held for longer than the latest electronic gadget. Do any of us think this season’s newest gadget will last and be appreciated for 100 years?


    • jenyjenny
      Dec 01, 2011 @ 07:40:23

      Right! I liked the email you sent about gifts of service–although that seems like such a novel idea to us now, I think those gifts are the most sincere.


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